RDC has faced the Approval restructuration- Suppliers Evaluation and Control based in a management system ISO 22000, in a way that all suppliers can fulfill all the requirements.

This is why it must:

Fulfill the procedure 'PG-00-013 Suppliers Evaluation'
Complete the register (Suppliers self-assessment, Allergen control)
Issue a Gluten Free Affidavit

With the reason of joining communication channels and the aim of ORGANIZING our supplier’s activity, we provide this link 'Supplier’s Agreement- Evaluation and Control'.

This will allow to organize the entry of the stock processes and to know in advance, which are the requirements to comply with the Quality and Food Safety Standards of REFINERÍA DEL CENTRO S.A. If REFINERÍA DEL CENTRO requires additional confirmation of its capabilities, our company will be responsible of verifying your operational standards through third parties (for instance, audits). This evaluation program, approval and supplier’s control is very important because it will allow you to comply with the basic requirements to be supplier of REFINERÍA DEL CENTRO S.A. and will keep an interactive communication between you and the company.

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